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With more EV fleets on the road, we can help both drivers and managers with EV charging.


Fleet partnerships

Making charging simple for electric fleets

As fleets increasingly transition to electric vehicles, fleet managers are looking for solutions to help their drivers search, plan and pay for EV charging while maintaining a clear overview of their fleet’s costs and emissions. We can help.

Over 95% of public charge points mapped

As the UK’s leading app and digital platform for EV drivers to search for charge points, plan longer journeys, pay for charging and share updates, we’re well placed to provide fleet drivers with peace of mind and the confidence to drive any length of journey in their EV.

We have more than 95% of public charge points mapped and around 70% of charge points showing live availability status, allowing users to see to-the-minute availability of charge points.

Even better, we have also partnered with Allstar, one of the UK’s leading fuel payment providers to ensure we provide the best solutions for fleet drivers and fleet managers.

Search, plan, pay – and keep track

Working closely with charge point operators since 2014, we’ve established a unique position in the UK’s EV market. This means we’re well placed to help your business leverage this standing and support the growth of your electric fleet.

Our partnership with Allstar means drivers can search, plan and pay for charging using one simple app, with Allstar card holders accessing enhanced features. Fleet managers benefit from one clear overview of all fuel costs, combining electric with petrol and diesel, simplified admin, and full visibility of spend across fleets.


Data & insights

Reliable figures from the EV sector

The leading source of EV charging data
Credible insight into UK charging infrastructure
EV driver attitudes & behaviour

Media & tools

Designed for your customers

We can provide data-driven calculators and tools

Reach current and prospective EV drivers

Embed helpful tools on your website

Allstar Business Solutions

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Partnering with Zapmap has been a key strategic move for Allstar, allowing us to offer our customers a simplified, seamless in-app experience when charging on the road.

Tom Rowlands, Allstar Business Solutions