Pay for EV charging

Whether on the open road, close to home or at your destination, Zapmap can help you pay for charging in an instant.

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Make paying for charging simple

with our cross-network solution

Because there are many different charging networks across the UK, Zapmap helps you search, plan and pay for charging all within one app. Zap-Pay is our simple way to pay for EV charging across networks, offering one place to pay no matter where you are charging.

Mobile payment Pay for charging in an instant
Battery charging Keep track of charging progress
Receipt in pounds Analyse payment history

All in one

EV charging solution

With thousands of chargers enabled across the UK, Zap-Pay covers all types of charge points, from high-speed chargers for longer journeys to lamppost devices on residential streets. As a single-app payment solution, Zap-Pay also avoids the hassle of using multiple apps across different networks, giving you one place to pay, wherever you go.

Payment, sorted

up and down the country

With many different networks in the UK, Zap-Pay makes charging payment simple. It means you can search, plan and pay for charging quickly and easily, all within the Zapmap app. Even better, you can also use Apple Pay and Google Pay on Zap-Pay chargers across the country.

Your charging history

with receipts too

Life can be busy. That’s why we help you keep track of your payments. As well as viewing charging progress when away from your vehicle, you can view your payment history, keep a record of charging activity, and manage your accounts easily with VAT receipts for charge sessions.

Zapmap Premium

With a number of ways to quickly locate charge points tailored to your needs, Zapmap Premium helps you drive smarter.

On top of filters for new charge points and multi-charger locations, Premium gets Zapmap into your in-car dashboard via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

This means you can locate suitable charge points, view live charge point status and access route plans - all while on the move.

What's more, with Premium you can save unlimited filters, route plans, and EV models.

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Zap-Pay has been brilliant. It’s been really user-friendly, and I’m not much of a tech wizard.

Hayley Thompson

With the Zapmap app, you can plan your journeys, find your nearest charging stations as well as pay for your charging all in one app.


Zap-Pay is very intuitive in terms of what you can do with it. It's useful and very easy to set it up. Our experience of using the app has been very positive. For us it works a treat.

Paven, Zapmap user