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With our unique position in the market, we can help you provide the best support for your EV customers.


Automotive partnerships

Make EV charging simple for your customers

We work with a wide variety of partners throughout the EV ecosystem. From providing content and tools through to data, insights and other value-added packages, we’re always interested in working with companies where we can help to accelerate the transition to zero-emission mobility.

    Comprehensive coverage

    With longstanding experience in the EV market, more than 95% of public charge points mapped and around 70% of charge points showing live availability status, Zapmap attracts many thousands of visitors to the website and apps each month.

    Not only do we provide these drivers with to-the-minute availability of charge points, but we can provide supporting information on EVs and charging to help you and your customers make the best choices.

    Intuitive electric travel

    As the UK’s leading app and digital platform for EV drivers to search for charge points, plan longer journeys, pay for charging and share updates, we’re well placed to provide your EV customers with peace of mind and the confidence to drive any length of journey in their electric car.

    Plus, as 'pioneers of the charging space,' our large and engaged community of drivers can help your customers get the most out of their electric vehicles too.

    Zapmap In-Car system

    Value-added packages

    A first-class EV experience

    Smarter EV charging for customers
    A range of enhanced features
    The finishing touch for your offer

    Media & tools

    Designed for your customers

    We can provide data-driven calculators and tools

    Reach current and prospective EV drivers

    Embed helpful tools in your website


    Find out how Nissan works with Zapmap to provide intuitive electric travel for its EV customers.


    Nissan have always been pioneers of the electric vehicle market and Zapmap leads the way for charge mapping. This partnership is a logical next step as both companies continue to pave the way for intuitive electric travel.

    Nic Thomas, Nissan