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E-mobility partnerships

As the shift to electric accelerates, we can provide insights, tools, value-added packages and more to keep your business ahead of the curve.


Work with us

Make the most of the shift to EV

We work with a wide variety of partners throughout the broader EV ecosystem, including businesses in the insurance, energy, parking and leasing sectors. We’re always interested in working with companies where we can add value and ultimately help to accelerate the transition to a cleaner, greener future.

Reliable, credible information

With the most comprehensive EV charging dataset in the UK, more than 95% of public charge points mapped and 70% of chargers showing live availability status, we can provide data-driven tools, insights and thought-leadership to put your business in prime position as we enter this new electric world.

Give your offer the finishing touch

Hand your electric vehicle customers the ideal package to help them on the road, offering a suite of products and services, including a subscription to Zapmap Premium.


Data & insights

Reliable figures from the EV market

The leading source of EV charging data
Credible insight into UK charging infrastructure
EV driver attitudes & behaviour


Find out how JustPark and Zapmap worked together to transform home charge points into monetised assets.


Select Car Leasing

Find out how Zapmap and Select Car Leasing partnered to make the EV experience even easier for leasing customers.


Select Car Leasing is proud to be working closely with Zapmap to help our leasing customers get the most out of their electric vehicles.

Select Car Leasing