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The leading source of EV charging data and insights, providing unrivalled data and expert analysis into the shape and usage of EV charging infrastructure, as well as the attitudes and behaviours of EV drivers.


Zapmap Insights

Supporting data-driven decision making in the EV sector

Zapmap Insights is a data and insights service to CPOs, Consultancies, Government, vehicle OEMs, DNOs, local authorities and other stakeholders requiring credible and reliable information and knowledge on the EV charging landscape and its history.

Founded in 2014, in the earliest stages of the electric revolution, Zapmap Insights has been the trusted partner of the UK’s Department of Transport’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles in tracking and reporting on the growth of EV infrastructure across the country.

Zapmap Insights - EV charging statistics Most comprehensive data 95% of all charge points
Data & insights - EV charging UK Largest EV community 45,000+ EV driver survey panel
EV charging data & insights from Zapmap EV charging pioneers 10+ years’ experience in the market

Charge point profiles

Reliable and credible information to help drive commercial and installation strategies

Understand when, where and who has installed chargers, as well as what types of charge points are in place across the UK

Supplement your existing datasets with the exact location and descriptive data of charge points, for use in GIS or internal databases and analyses


Charge point usage

Understand utilisation rates and daily patterns for charge points across the UK and Ireland

Identify where the most utilised charge points are situated by comparing utilisation rates in different geographical areas of the UK, and for different location types


EV driver insights

Understand how EV drivers are using the public network and gain feedback on their experiences

Identify which aspects of the charging experience are most important to EV drivers, and which brands fulfil these aspects most effectively

See trends over time to predict future behavioural patterns and shifts


EV charging survey

Understand driver motivation & preferences

Explore model ownership & reasons for purchase

Uncover how drivers charge their vehicle


Department for Transport

See how Zapmap and the Department for Transport work together to provide the UK's official statistics on charge point infrastructure.


Field Dynamics

Find out how Field Dynamics partnered with Zapmap to reveal how many ‘on-street households’ are within a five-minute walk of a public charger.