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One integration, 95% of public charging locations

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Access public charge point data across the UK and Ireland

Power EV features within your app using the Zapmap Search API

Access data for over 50,000 public charging locations across the UK and Ireland. Often in real-time, get data on location, availability (i.e. in-use, out of service), kWh price, CPO network and power. Zapmap enriches its data from CPOs to include additional data such as site facilities and access information. 

Search icon 1 Unrivalled coverage 95% of UK charge points
Search icon 2 Live charge point data 70% with real time data
search icon 3 Data quality Enriched and standardised
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Real-time updates

Live data from over 70% of charge points, meaning you can showcase what’s happening on the ground at each charging location, informing your app users whether a charger is available, in-use or out of service.
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Quality data

Once CPO data has been validated, it is then enriched with additional data such as access information and nearby facilities (e.g. retail, toilets).

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