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Market-leading EV routing, surfaced in your app

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Integrate Zapmap-generated route plans into your app

Zapmap have developed one of the UK’s most popular EV route planning engines, used by hundreds of thousands of electric vehicle drivers across the country. Using Zapmap’s route planning engine, you can equip your EV drivers with a best-in-class user routing experience, all through your own digital product. 

Spark Plan icon 1 Best-in-class routing Using Zapmap’s vehicle database
Spark plan icon 2 Enhanced filters Price, speed, facilities, and more
Spark Plan icon 3 Detailed location data Built around users’ specific needs
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The UK's leading route planning engine

Zapmap’s route planning engine makes planning longer EV journeys simple, and is tailored to user needs.

The Zapmap Spark platform holds comprehensive information on charge points, our EV model database, and the best map, route, and location data.

This enables a valuable set of user features: specific filters for a route; a target state-of-charge upon arrival; adding multiple stops to journey; and preferred network, price, facilities and more.
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Seamless integration

The Plan API enables partners to access its route planning engine, and offer market-leading EV routing capabilities in their own digital estate.

Once integrated, the Zapmap Spark platform will generate a highly-configurable route plan and return this via API, for display in your customer-facing UI.

Simply collect data from the end user, export this to Zapmap who will send back a robust route plan tailored for each and every end user.

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